Welcome to Leafy Landings, a new interactive book series where young insects learn how to be the best flyers they can be and get important life lessons with a firefly named, Spitfire.

Spitfire knows he’s lucky to be a firefly and have a light, even if it goes on when he doesn’t want it to. When Spot, a little ladybug, gets upset that she can’t fly as fast as her friends because of her shape, Spitfire helps take her on a journey of discovery to learn that it’s all our differences that make us special and to embrace who she is.

  • Beautifully animated
  • Read to yourself or follow along with the narrator
  • Play with fun puzzles or create a spider web
  • Discover engaging interactive animations
  • Build reading skills by following the highlighted words as the narrator reads aloud
  • An original story the whole family will enjoy
  • Original music and sound effects